Monday 12 November 2012

Plan of Action - 3 Challenges for Winter

Concerning my latest hair woes, I wasn't sure what to do. I considered heat treating my hair (but if it's already weak enough to be breaking, this won't help), switching out my usual products to try some newer things (but it's not the products, it's the techniques, no?).

After a little bit of research (over two days ), I've decided that my main problem is not being diligent enough with my hair care.
My new goal is simple : Break the APL plateau some time this winter by gaining an inch all around:

9 inches all around or...I'll stop talking about it!

I've taken up two challenges, as well as (or working with) my own personal one: Loo's 1in3 rules and Shelly's Hairscapades Bunning challenge. Although one seems to defy (bunning, instead of wearing twists) the other, Alice's in-depth comment really got me thinking about lots of specific manipulations one time versus more regular, more general manipulation during styling.
That doesn't make sense right now, but I'm still thinking on about it! 

The Routine
  • I'll wash every weekend as normal.
  • I'll also make Cassia treatments something that happen at least monthly. At least. I may try and switch in some yoghurt treatments too.
  • Not de-tangling unless it's wash day. I have a bad habit of finger de-tangling through the week. Despite the fact finger de-tangling may be gentler, it's still manipulation. 
  • Moisturise hair daily. My hair really seems to like that.
  • Make sure my satin scarf stays on overnight. I'll be keeping it secure with a slightly stretched headband.
  • I'm going to try applying some heavier oils on my ends to preserve them better. I've got some brazil nut oil and I'll see how that works out. Doing fine so far, but man does it attract the dust! If not too great, I'm looking forward to trying hemp seed oil. Hellooo ceramides!
  • No cutting. Just search and destroys. 
  • Keep taking my supplements. They're nothing special but I've got them so I might as well use them. They're from Hollands and Barretts and have sugar and sweetener in them-  not that you can tell *ick face*

That's it! I don't want to tie myself down too strenuously - I've just got to be diligent and consistent
Just gotta hop to it!

Persistance supplied by 'Chemical X'

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  1. This is a really great plan. I hope that all goes well and you're definitely right about being diligent and consistent. :D


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