Monday 3 September 2012

I Can't Do Big Hair

I did a braid/plait out this weekend, using tap water and some hair oil.

Unlike when I do twistouts, I didn't immediately hate it. Having had to twirl the ends meant that they weren't as scraggly as when I do a twistout, and blended in well the tighter curl style.

But I still found myself pulling the top half up into a ponytail and only leaving the bottom part.
I've always said I have a problem wearing sets in my hair just as they are.

And this weekend, I worked out a few reasons why (SPOILER: it basically boils down to vanity):

1. The  idea that big hair suits everyone who has the potential to achieve it is a myth. When my hair is at it's most voluminous, I look ridiculous.

2. I get mushroom hair. This is mainly due to the shape [or lack thereof] of my my hair.As soon as any soon of fluffing occurs, the top half billows out and lo and behold, thus appears my resemblance to your average supermarket portobello.

3. I don't have the personality to wear big hair. Not to say I have no confidence - I'm confident in who I am. And I am someone who like hiding behind her hair, not having it draw attention to her.
No, seriously, I really don't like people looking at me because of my appearance. It makes me very uncomfortable - eek! It's just not my style (though as I write this, I'm wearing a yellow top with a pink and purple printed skirt. And I'm happy with it).

4. It acts as a sort of homing beacon for fluff and other stuff whenever my hair is out and being loud, which will necessitate a wash day sooner than expected.
Which makes me feel like it's a waste of time.

This isn't to say I hate big hair completely - I think it's fun and at times, it's a massive relief. But it's not my go-to way of referring to my hair and I don't think I'm particularly bothered about the pursuit for volume. That's never really been a problem - it's just not very flattering on me at the moment.
I guess I'm definitely definition over volume then [like this gorgeous picture of Alice from Alice in Nappyland.

However, it seems that in every blog post I read or vlog I watch, big hair is touted as the ultimate destination, making me feel as though the fact I think smaller hair suits me should be a dirty using hair grease.

Maybe it is just me?

But I guess that's okay. I'm not doing all this to my hair to simply get caught up in someone else's rules.

Heck, this is going to be my new passport picture! :)


  1. LOL. I enjoyed reading this post. Sometimes I think "they" (whoever they are) equate big hair with big personality. Like you're so proud of being natural, that you have the guts to just wear your hair loud and voluminously.

    Personally, I like many big haired styles. It's got an artsy edge to it. I think my hair has the potential to be voluminous, but at my current length it wouldn't look right. Whenever it gets to that length and volume I don't know if I'd wear it big and if I did, it surely wouldn't be my go-to style. I think people sitting behind me would have a hard time seeing over me. Reminds me of the ladies in church with the big hats. Can't see a thing. LOL

    Probably when my hair achieves this potential, the styles will be something else. I'm usually behind the times anyways though. I guess this is one of the things where time will tell the story.

    1. I agree! But I don't see why just because I'm pleased with the state of my hair, doesn't mean I'm going to expose it to the elements everyday. I love looking at big hair and having my hair out - I just find it incredibly impractical for daily or even regular life. Especially since I like to lay my head on things - instant flattening of one side *sigh*

  2. You are not alone *sings*. I used to long for big bushy hair but I've realised that my hair strands are very fine and it will not be very big no matter what I do so I think I;ll be team bun and ponytail for life!

    1. *sigh* There aren't many alternatives around for fine haired naturals, apart from - 'just try and make it look bigger!' There's nothing wrong with a great bun or ponytail! :)

  3. Wear your hair the way YOU want to and in a way that suits you. If big hair doesn't work for you, then big hair and everyone who is in love with it can just...well, take their lion's mane else where :)

    1. Oh, I do love big hair - I just haven't worked out my way to do it in a way I find convenient. It's the goal but at the same time, it's the nuisance!

  4. Ha ha, I'm definitely that girl who doesn't like the attention her hair draws. But those stares maan, they keep coming. Lol. My hair has more personality than I do.

    "I'm not doing all this to my hair to simply get caught up in someone else's rules." Preach! Damn right you're not! Whole point of all of this IS to do your own thing. Toss those "rules" out!

    1. Yeah, I find that too. At times, a hat becomes my only solution to fulfil my desire to be nondescript, in the face of my hair's Las Vegas-esque personality.

  5. hahahahaha enjoyed the way u expressed urself in this post, quick question tho, why do you not use a creme ie one with some sort of hold cuz it seems u'd like some definition?


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