Monday 2 January 2012

Twisted on a miniature level

I reckon it was subliminal messaging. What with all the miniature food over the holidays, and people talking about protecting their interests, their skin....

Well, I started on Tuesday afternoon and finished on Thursday afternoon. That's only 2 days.

Even less when you consider that it was a process interspersed with assignments and post-Christmas cleaning up of the mess my lovely siblings made for me. My hair had been conditioned earlier that day (with a pinch of salt - don't ask) and then I separated it into 6 different sections, to make it easier for me to work through the entirety of my head in a methodical manner that wouldn't drive me nuts.

I used some  de tangling spray to go through my hair, make sure it stayed de tangled and slightly damp and added some shea butter mix to make sure they would stay properly.

I'm hoping it will last me at least 4 weeks. Look, I even kind of parted them!

 I've let the ends get wet in the shower, but for some reason some of the finer strands aren't curling properly...

On the left side, the twists are distinctly  the others - in some cases, three times as fat - because the Littlest Sis helped me out. Initially, I wasn't going to let her because...well, I'm still not quite cool with people touching my hair. Especially my crown area.

There was a bit of yanking for 3.5 seconds and then I quickly worked out that hey, how about I finger de tangle the sections she wants to work on first, to make life easier for both of us?
It made things go much smoother and she was bemused at how easy it was for me to handle my hair.

Well, you know....that's what it's aaaaall about *smug face*


  1. Your twists look great! I think they should be able to last for that length of time. Maybe you could try to roll the ends of your twists on sponge rollers. If you haven't been introduced to her yet, this natural-haired diva rocks mini twists all the time:

    BTW, I'm getting ready to do a bentonite clay treatment, twist my own hair and slap on a wig perhaps. lol It's getting cold around these parts. :-)

  2. Love twists, I've put in kinky twists today but usually twists my own hair too.


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