Monday 30 January 2012

4 weeks + ... a moment

Last week Monday, there came a moment. I was approaching the 4 week mark for my sister twists. I removed some fluff from the roots. Somehow, despite regular and extremely valiant attempts at expelling all traces, there always seemed to be some near invisible smatter of fluff nestling in my hair.
Usually, by this point, I'm being driven mad by the simultaneous thoughts of having to keep my hair up and away for a single blasted second longer or having to deal with the inevitable torturous take down.

By this point, my roots were already incredibly fluffy and growing out, my parts as much a part of ancient history as the Romans and the ends have got more curls and knots in them than a ride at Alton Towers.

So early last week, did I feel the pangs of removal-itis?


And today?

Nope again. This is my fifth week and I'm considering doing a full 6 weeks, simply because it's so convenient. I like the way it looks the more aged it gets. They haven't even considered unravelling in all that time (which shows how tangled my hair has the potential to be). I've converted a few into bigger twists but that's all the twiddling that's gone on up there.

Yeah, I know that eventually I'll have to take these twists down.

I'm also really aware that when I do finally get around to it, I'll suffer. Oh ho ho, how I'll suffer. However, for now, that's not my main concern.
I'm going to enjoy every second and get the most out of this two day twist install.


  1. Whenever I wear a twist style for an extended period of time, I follow up with a bentonite clay treatment. It gets all the gunk out. Best of wishes to you, but for now, I don't blame you for enjoying the carefree twists. :-)

  2. I'm 35000% jealous of you and your twists you know. I got my mum to do them for me on my natural hair and my head just looked awfully bare... I had to pin them up all the time cos down they looked awful. Admittedly I am still transitioning so hopefully when my hair grows they'll be a bit fuller.

    However I must say you are brave to leave them in that long! I get twitchy about extension braids at around the fifth week so God speed when it comes to taking them out girl.

  3. @Libby - that was indeed my intended course of action! Great minds think alike :)

    @Olli - When I used to wear extensions, my mum used to make me leave them in up to 3 months at a time. Thrifty, yes. Sensible? Heck no!
    As someone with quite fine hair, I find the smaller I make them, the better they look. But I remember wearing an awful lot of ponytails too....


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