Monday 16 January 2012

I Can't Wear Curls

Seriously. I have a massive lack of imagination when it comes to wearing my hair in a curly state. Whether it's a twist out, braid out, curlformer set or a bantu knot out, the process goes something like this:

1. I put a lot of effort into the set, applying product, carefully parting and separating etcetera etcera.

2. I leave it in to dry overnight.

3. I take it out in the morning and immediately hate it.

4. I pin it up in my signature 'style', which basically involves rolling or pinning under the top half of my hair and leaving the bottom bit out. Maybe add an accessory.

The evidence:

16th December

17th October

17th October

17th October 
22nd October

20th November

23rd December

 Well, you know, you get the point.

Either way, I'm feeling more than a little stuck in a rut when it comes to wearing my hair in a curly state. I think it's because my sides are still that much shorter than the rest of my hair.

Obviously Mission Death-To-The-Mullet-Sides cannot come quickly enough...


  1. You and me both....I have never successfully worn even a twist out. After taking the twists out, I dislike it so much that I am forced to wear it in a bun.

  2. I understand that my style may vary wildly for that of the person I've copied but the fact I dislike it so much makes me feel incredibly disappointed. A puff usually isn't even an option - ponytail or a bun it usually is!


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