Monday 24 October 2011

Sesame Got Glee

I'll admit, I dropped off the Glee bandwagon a little bit.

My recaps stopped in the face of the four to five hours it took to do one and with the burgeoning load of my dissertation and various essays forced me out of it. Plus, there was that Rocky Horror Show episode (sooo inappropriate for so many different reasons) and then the Coach Beiste episode (like, what the heck? Coach Beiste is so awesome and getting a pity kiss off Will Schuester seems more of a punishment than a resolution) and I dropped out of the loop.

I'm debating whether to get back into it this winter or not. I mean, it's difficult to completely cut something you adore out of your life.

In the meanwhile, I found this and think it's genius. If you're a bit of a Gleek like me, then you'll recognise the brilliant quips that are so integral to the show, like Sue's quip about Will (Mr Goo?)'s hair.

And if you're not a Gleek, then you can take a gander at the dance moves of the 'I love my hair' muppet showing some moves whilst considering her career.

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