Monday 4 April 2011

Bee Mine Winner!

Okay. I have to admit that when I logged on and saw the final comment number, I thought it was a mistake and my dashboard was glitching.

After pressing refresh several  times, I realised it was due to the incredible kindness of JC from The Natural Haven by linking to this little giveaway! So I want to give a massive thank you to JC and a massive thank you to everyone who left comments - obviously, we are a bit giveaway starved over on this side of the pond. So I'm thinking there will definitely be more giveaways (probably after I graduate) so please look out for them!

I didn't know how to choose because I wasn't really expecting any interest. >.< I literally considered buying a sample for everyone who commented.
However, instead I copped out and went to and randomised a number.

The 18th eligible person on the comments list was : Rynae!

Thank you for taking part! Please e-mail your address to asimplething[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk by Wednesday so I can send off your prize!

See you guys next time!


  1. Aww you are more than welcome, I love your blog :)

  2. Yay this made my day after having a dreadful interview at manchester met woo hoo. this is my email

  3. Hey I got your Bee mine conditoner if I am not to shy I might do a review with pics. mucho gracias xx

  4. gosh darn it how did I miss this! next time, next time...

  5. So super cute blog. Absolutely love your posts.. Found you blog hopping ;). I'm Marilyn from hope you can stop by sometime ;)) TY *officially following ya*

  6. @ Rynae : Phew! Glad you received it - sorry for the horrendous packaging!

    @hokey: Next time. Next time indeed :)

    @Marilyn: Thank you so much!

  7. Nope packaging was okay just happy to have it and I mixed it with a some water to make a leave in its gureat and smells nice which u know already.


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