Thursday 5 May 2016

First flexi-rod set.

Did you guess that I was hiding some lovely lumps under my head wrap?

Sometimes, Queens gots secrets. Sometimes that secret is that you are going out that night, want to actually look good and there's no way in Heck nor Hike that your hair is going to dry in time.

So you improvise.

Now, every time the British queen wears a hat, I'ma be thinking, "Liz, you got curlers under there?"
Snap, Liz, snap. I see you.

Anyway, I was well pleased with how well these turned out.
I'm pretty sure my hair had been stretched by a Curlformer set to allow the flexi-rod curls to take place. I used a teensy amount of water on each dry section, some Aloe-Shea Butter Mix (homemade) and then some Alikay Naturals Crème Brulée Curling Delight.. I did the naptural85 method of starting from the bottom (now we here) and rolling it up to the scalp, before clamping it down onto my head.

I ran out of rods and put two or three sections on rollers,

Took it out...

Then separated.

The volume!

The scent!

The hold!

The bounce!

I was really pleased with the Crème Brulée - but I'm still playing around with it. I'll let you know.

I tried to pineapple the curls overnight to keep 'em, but no dice dude - did. Not. Work.

Oh well. It was good while it lasted!

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