Wednesday 1 October 2014

Oh Dear...

Remember that wash day when I said I was leaving my hair in twists to get the best of both worlds, styling-wise?

And that I was hoping it would turn out like that faux wash and go I had, that was actually really awesome?

Yeah, no.

I left it 4 days, and by that time, my hair's most haystack-like tendencies had set in. Maybe I should co-wash more....


My highlights are actually high lights. High above my head.

If you need me, I'll be sporting a bun. 
Maybe under a hat.


  1. LOL. I know the feeling. I'm currently trying to figure out my next style move. (As always.)

  2. I'd never been so grateful for hair bands that week - yikes! I have my non glam moments but that failure there really took the biscuit.
    It's a bit weird when you realise you have to plan what you're doing with your hair...and then have a contigency plan if it doesn't work out...


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