Thursday 7 August 2014

Big Feet on the High Street

I remember walking into the Payless store in the States. I had on my usual walking-into-a-shoe-shop attitude on - apathy, mixed with a streak of boredom, sprinkled liberally with resentment. ApaStreborest for short?

I never found my size in real life shops - why bother?

But I did. Fabulous shoes, including a blue pair of platform sandals that made me feel 10 feet tall and some red American Eagles that served only to fuel my Mary Jane obsession.

The set-up of Deichmann, with all those boxes piled on top of each other, reminded me of that time and drew me in.

But this was not America, land of the cheap, well fitting shoe. I was already subconsciously being stalked by a cloud of Apastreborest as I drifted by the shelves, seeing size 6s on sale, 5s, a whole row of 7s on sale....I live in a town of tiny footed people. I personally don't know women here who have a foot size bigger than a 5 (European 38, US 6).

Whoa. Wait. Did that just...

Yes! A size 10 (European 44, American 11/12)! On the shelves! In real life! In front of me!

It turns out that many of Deichmann's shoe offerings go up to a UK size 9 or 10. To make it extra easy to spot them when you're scanning the shelves of shoes, they have this little 'XXL' sticker on them.

Plus, they're ultra affordable. Most of the shoes I saw were about £14.99.

Alas, if you are of the wide footed variety, like myself, I would give this one a pass, lest you are forced to do like Cinderella's stepsister and chop off a toe. I did managed to squooze (yes, it's totally a word) a foot into one shoe and it was not something I'd advise for anyone longer than 0.28 seconds. Get thee to Evans.

But for the slimmer long footed amongst us, this is a brilliant high street option. Definitely pop in if you have the chance! Or check out the range online before lugging yourself off your sofa....or out of your bed...ahem.


  1. Congrats on finding your size! Never been out the states and never thought about sizes that much. I guess that is comparable to when my cousin's girlfriend who was Chinese sent him a laptop and the keyboard was so much smaller than we are accustomed to here. I guess our hands much be large. As for him, he just learned to accommodate. Easier with a keyboard than with shoes I imagine. :-)

    1. I guess it's far more profitable for companies to make for the median, but when you're an outlier, it's rubbish! It's like when we saw underwear Vietnam - they were very much biased towards the smaller sizes! I like the smaller keyboard idea, though not for me - I have the biggest hands of anyone I know.


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