Wednesday 16 April 2014

Let's Lunch! No 1: Deconstructed Pitta Burger

My new workplace is not, unfortunately (or fortunately) situated within my home, so I have to provide lunch for myself, else risk Hangry*-Low-Blood-Sugar mood swings. I can't really see myself buying every day, so I pack and take a lunch with me.

The British packed lunch tends to follow a certain pattern. Sandwich, crisps, yoghurt, treat, fruit, drink, though grown ups have the added choice of leftovers too. Unless it's leftovers, it's not too great on the pocket or the health side. Boring too! I wanted something delightful, tasty, affordable (maybe even cheap) and that wouldn't make me feel like keeling over from still being hungry afterwards.

I'm fascinated by bento boxes. They share similar themes with packed lunches, but tend to be set out differently and in a manner than appeals to the eye. I like the fact there's usually quite a large focus on vegetables too.

My main problem is wrapping my head around eating the food cold. In the few snatches of summer we may get here, that's a possibility. But even as we are only just emerging from the depths of winter, I still find myself hovering near the microwave.

I used one of my favourite thrifty recipes to make this - delicious, easy and quick! Definitely a keeper in our househ

Anyway. In this lunch, there's:
  • Red grapes
  • Kidney bean/carrot balls
  • A pitta bread sliced in half
  • Half an avocado wrapped in a plastic bag
  • A few slices of cucumber lurking under the pitta bread.

I also took a banana and an apple with me.

I toasted the pitta bread halves at work, added some margarine on the inside, and then stuffed them with the avocado and kidney bean balls. Dee. Lish. Shious.
This lunch is both vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Paleo/Gluten Free: Skip the pitta bread for some lettuce leaves and replace the kidney bean balls with meatballs.
Hate avocado?:  Swap it for some soft cheese. Or some halloumi. Mmm.

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