Monday 7 April 2014

Lazy Wash Day which I reap the consequences of my laziness.

See, I definitely do all these shenanigans on my wash day for a reason - the tea rinse (reduce shedding, means less evil tangles), apple cider vinegar rinse (keeps my scalp happy), sectioning (keeps me sane) etc etc.

But sometimes I forget all this and then my wash day looks something like this:

1) Pre-poo with Vatika Oil over a day.

2) Slather on Garnier Ultra Blends Shea Butter and Avocado conditioner. Left it on for about 2 minutes and then rinsed it out, but not thoroughly. I think I wanted to experiment with using it as a leave in.

That was it.

Also, my silly self has been watching too many youtube videos again and slavishly drooling over people's instagram pictures.

So this video

had me convinced I could style my hair when wet into twists for a an awesome looking twist-out.

Me. Style my hair. When wet.

Like I ever just stop at twenty twists. I ended up with a third of my head done in twists that were too small to be a good looking twist out by my reckoning. I fat twisted other sections and I finally ended up finishing them a few days later (Read: Spent all of my Wednesday evening spent finishing them off. I could have cried).

 My hair was sooo tangled from my inadequate stretching on my wash day on Saturday, that took up most of the styling time. Basically, these are staying in for the next two or three weeks, come hell, high water, or itchy scalp, which is kind of good, because I've had cravings to try Wash and Go's and maybe I'll have gotten over it by the time these come down.

Aren't they just the saddest looking twists you've ever seen?

If having 3 - 5 inches of your untwisted is protective styling, then I'm a goose egg.

Fortunately, I have enough pride and re-did the offending hair parts.

I think I need a 'reading-other-people's-hair-blogs-and-looking-at-people's-instagram-pictures-and-watching-hair-related-youtube-videos' fast. 
I tell myself it's informative, but I think I'm deluding myself and wasting time.

I can feel myself getting to that point, where I'm over-frustrated with myself and my hair, which will probably end up in another moany-moany-whine-whine post, or me giving the inversion method a try.

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  1. LOL. A hair video fast. LOL. Just don't go overboard in your frustrations and do anything drastic like chop it all off or something and then watch a video with someone with hair like yours showing how wonderful it is, and then suddenly you realize that you wished you hadn't chopped it off. LOL


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