Monday 2 April 2012

Flat Twisting Flop

*Heavy sigh*

Ahem. Right. Okay. Um. *Clears throat* Right.

Okay, you know what? Hugh Grant style English foppishness? Go sit over there.

Basically, a year after my faux smooshed sides post and I'm still rubbish at flat twisting >.<. I can do the big ones that don't necessitate any level of precision; they just seem to work out.

But as soon as any skill, dexterity or, er, accuracy is needed, it all goes, Leeds. [How is that phrase usually finished? Where do things usually go when it all goes wrong?]
During my twist realisation, I decided that some small flat twists would be a great idea.

And they totally would have been a great idea!
If I had any ability whatsoever to do them!

And of course, one gave up hair Youtube videos for Lent, so couldn't even watch a tutorial.
Hello creek. Good-byyye paddle.

This is the first ones. Well, the first flat twist I tried. This is probably about the 8th attempt on this flat twist alone.

Finding discernible flat twists that I did myself is a bit like a Bigfoot sighting - rare and unusual but everyone else will think you're crazy for focusing on it so much.

There are more flat twists, buried somewhere on my head because you cannot tell that they are there at all (despite my attempt at a starburst pattern).
Maybe they are practising for their ninja camouflage exam, or their spy concealment assessment.
They are totally on point for a first class pass grade.

Great for their future ninja and spy careers, not so great for my attempt at a more elaborate hair style.

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