Monday 15 August 2016

3 flat bags

As well as my plans for myself, I've also been working on a little something-somethng for three littlies that I know....

I have to confess - if you'd told me I'd make what are essentially three flat bags this year, I'da said you were crazy. I'd thought flat bags were mad BORING and...well, flat. No excitement!

Well, maybe I've changed my mind. A little. 
A lot.
Plus, I needed the sewing practise.

If the first bag looks familiar, it should - it started out as an interesting way to use up my scraps from the riding hood cape project. All the drawstring bags in this post were upcycled from scrap fabric I had lying around and made using this tutorial (the first is slightly longer because I was making the measurements up as I went). So this is quilting cotton, and red fleece...

Denim (from a pair of old jeans) and green scrap satiny fabric with green drawstring. I was definitely channelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I thought this up and I'm glad it worked out as I imagined. The satiny fabric frayed like no-one's business, so it's on top of some more denim so as not to undermine the integrity of the bag, especially with the rambunctiousness of the new owner >.<

Can you see the dark patch where I unpicked the pocket on the bottom?

The final one is cotton poplin, chosen specially by the recipient, who couldn't decide between pink and yellow, so received a satin lined patch pocket. It was only after I put it on that I realised it was ever. so. slightly. crooked.
Beh, I thought.
        Two surprises instead of just one.



  1. Your bags came out quite well! I think the second one is my fave, although I love the happy golden yellow color as well. So what is spawning your sudden desires to sew, sew, sew?

    1. Thank you! I always want to sew, just no time and no skill >.< I'm definitely in the same camp as you - the second was my favourite one as well! It's funny that you should comment as you were a big inspiration for me when I first found your blog - I *LOVE* looking at your sewing projects and WIPs! I'm still working on my sewing skills with the aim of hand making my wardrobe to fit me and I had some free time so I thought I'd have a go ^.^


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