Monday 16 November 2015

French Seams

The project in the book is only to make a skirt either with French seams OR in seam pockets.

I decided that I wanted both, despite there being no evidence whatsoever that I am a sewing wunderkind (and in fact, a few examples of me being the complete and utter opposite).

Carefully following this tutorial (imagine me, if you will, intently reading, sewing and keeping my tongue firmly out my mouth for balance and concentration), I did my first two. Not too great - threads sticking out and not neat.

I persevered - practise makes perfect makes clothes.

And my goodness, how I swooned over my seam. "Look. LOOK," I growled in fierce pride, aggressively shoving the fabric into the face of my beloved, "LOOK AT THOSE SEAMS. THOSE SEAMS ARE PERFECT. AND AMAZING. I AM AMAZING."

 He smiled sweetly. "Aw, well done love! Great job!"

I squealed in admiration at my own efforts for a fair while (approximately 20 minutes) before settling down to finish off the rest.

Waitaminute...why are the two side pieces suddenly shorter than the front?

Well, I'd only gone and french seamed my pockets onto the waistband of the skirt, instead of the side seam. I don't think that's a trend that's going to catch on any time soon. To the seam ripper!

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