Monday 10 March 2014

Quick Condition Day (Cowash Day)

Is it a cowash day if I don't use the conditioner on my scalp? Just on my hair?
If it helps, my 'dealing-with-my-hair-days' are going a lot better than my 'coming-up-with-an-appropriate-title' moments.

 The only thing of note this week is that I wore a ponytail for the whole week, applied wheatgerm oil almost daily to my ends and slicked my hair back with gel on Friday..
What I was starting with.

1) I pre-pooed with coconut oil overnight and wrapped my head in a silk scarf and then dumped a satin bonnet on top. Although I'd awoken the morning before with this ensemble intact, this Saturday morning I woke up to find the bonnet literally hanging on for dear life. Oh well. That's what the satin pillowcase is for, no?

(L-R): Diluted apple Cider Vinegar, Darjeeling tea & Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Repairer Conditioner
2) I started by dousing my entire scalp and hair with some diluted ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and took some time to massage it in. Then I rinsed.

3) Then I doused my hair and scalp with the Darjeeling tea. I had enough to have a go at saturating my entire head space. Instead of rinsing immediately, I applied Garnier Ultra Blends Nourishing Conditioner on top of the tea-sodden hair and left it for five minutes while I splashed about. I used quite a bit - about four generous squirts? My hair always seems to drink it up!
I hadn't sectioned my hair at all during this - just treated it as 'left section' and 'right section' and smooshed everything through with the applicator bottle or my hands.

4) I rinsed and then wrapped my hair in a towel for ten minutes. Then I sprayed on some aloe vera juice and started plaiting my hair using Anita Grant's Cafe Latté leave in and some wheatgerm oil that I'm trying to use up. When it started to get a bit thin towards the end, I just started twisting.

Finished product.
5) After I'd finished plaiting, I applied a squirt of Organix Anti-breakage Serum all over.

Because it took me quite a while to do the plaits/braids, I've decided to leave them in for a while. Maybe until Friday.
I don't think not sectioning made a difference when I was in the shower and when it came to my hair tangling, but it definitely makes a difference when it comes to my hair's shrinkage after washing! It felt like a lot of manipulation, because I didn't section my hair before conditioning, so my delightfully moisturised hair shrunk up like I was preparing for a wash and go instead of a semi-protective style.  Definitely something to remember for the summer...

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