Tuesday 19 February 2013

Look What I Found :)

I don't normally do hauls because...well, I never really buy in that well. Things just sort of build up.

I had an hour to kill in Le Marais area and wandered into an American Apparel shop. I've never been into my life, so it was interesting for me.

At the very front desk, I noticed some Dr Bronner's products. I actually used them last year, but more as part of my hippy laundry liquid experiments more than anything else. This time, I was looking for a convenient inbetween for my bentonite clay, and the anti dandruff shampoo.

I picked up a small size of the lavender as a sample, because I wanted something soothing, rather than stimulating.

Know what's even better than finding an affordable sample size of a product you wanna try?

Ohhhh yeah.

Unfortunately for me, I ran out of aloe vera gel. So I took this as an opportunity to pick something up from my local heath food store (Naturalia) that I've been considering for a while:

Aloe Vera Juice, opposed to the gel. Unfortunately, this behemoth did not come with a 30% off sticker which, at €20 euros, would have been highly appreciated!


  1. Yay sales! What do you use (or plan to use) aloe vera juice for?

    1. A lot of fine haired girls seem to love it, so it piqued my interest. I'll mostly use it as a hair moisturiser and for my skin too.
      I've got nearly a litre, so I can definitely use it as I wish!


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