Friday 10 June 2011

Back to Braids

Back to Reality *breaks it down 90s old skool style*

Last week today I decided to try a cornrow and it resulted in my entire head getting put up. Because I'm obsessed.

Was this the day before my last exam on Friday? You bet it was!

The cornrows started out small, but as I moved further up my head, my arms got more tired and they got bigger and sloppier.

Random flash of colour from the ends of my hair muddled in the cornrow
Reminds me slightly of Rufio from Hook

 Because I like my cornrow the way I like my potatoes.


I got to the top of my head and my arms officially gave out.

The plaits/braids of the cornrows ended up being medium thickness 
So I threw in some braids for my fringe, since the very idea of being without my fringe to hide behind makes my heart do a funny dance of fear.

And then it just continued. Until half of my head was in cornrows and the rest was a river of braids. I think the braids are microscopically bigger than the last set, and it only took me just under 6 hours to do, so waaaaaaaaaaay less time than the other set.

Products? Uhhh.... Giovanni Direct Leave In, Aloe Vera Gel from Hollands and Barretts and a weird experimental mix of grapeseed oil (from Sainsburys), Vatika Oiland a drop of castor. I put about a drop of peppermint essential oil in to make sure I kept it fresh.

Minty Fresh *cheesy smile*

My hair had been washed the previous day and have been lovingly dried in my pajama hair style.

It's definitely not going to last more than two weeks, since I'm itching to take it out and I don't have anything to distract me from doing this.

Freedom is indeed a dangerous thing.

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